One of our specialist services is the provision of escort vehicles to ensure that abnormal loads can be transported safely and in full compliance with all necessary regulatory requirements as well as meeting the delivery objectives of each project.

Fully trained escort operatives

Escort vehicles are needed as a safety requirement to ensure that other road users are aware of the abnormal load. Vehicles can also provide support services, such as on-the-spot liaison with all relevant authorities while the abnormal load is being transported, including the provision of any documentation that is required by official bodies.

In line with our high quality standards, we regularly service and maintain our escort vehicles to ensure optimum reliability on the road. We also provide comprehensive training to escort vehicle drivers to make sure that they are fully up to speed with the specialist skills associated with the provision of escort vehicle services.

Our expert team

As experts in the field of escort vehicle provision, we can provide you with up to date guidance on the regulatory and compliance aspects of any project. On your behalf, we can also talk with local authorities, the police and other officials to ensure that all necessary procedures are in place before a project begins and that all essential documentation is at hand while a project is delivered.

Route survey and management

As part of our service, we can – where necessary – undertake a detailed route survey. The purpose of the survey is to identify problems, design solutions and take appropriate action, such as negotiating road closures where needed or the removal of street furniture to ease the progress of the delivery.

Our expert and experienced project managers will be in charge of your project from start to finish. As part of the process, they will produce a detailed plan, provide you with regular progress updates, and take charge of the whole project. This means that you will be kept fully informed at each stage of the project about how your delivery is progressing. Talk to us now about how we could help you.